(1) Adjective, relating to television (1a.)  the sending of pictures from a distance, and the reproduction of them on a screen. We saw it on television.  (1b.) ( also television set) an apparatus with a screen for receiving these pictures. (2) Coming from the television. noun may become adjective with -al suffix

fox example, Suffix    -al

  1. Of or pertaining to. Adjectival suffix appended to various words, often nouns, to make an adjective form. Often added to words of Latin origin, but used with other words also.
    base + ‎-al → basal 
    cranium + ‎-al → cranial
  2. Forming nouns, especially of verbal action.
    propose + ‎-al → proposal
    deny + ‎-al → denial
    bestow + ‎-al → bestowal


Practical examples in English and Spanish: The behaviour of the televisional man is the ‘normal’ behaviour; it is he who should be the subject of the sociologist’s attention, of the economist’s and of the culturalist’s. Communications Policy for National Development (Majid Tehranian) In addition al monstra televisional, le resultato del solution del equationes indica si le reacţion ha resultate in un composito stabile. Spectroscopia Molecular – Issues 201-248 – Page 2 (1969) Dr. Nobechi, radiological clinic of the Hospital, was charged with a task of forwarding the televisional image, while Dr. Asian Medical Journal – Volumes 3-4 – Page 566 (1960)